Hydraulic Valve Lifter Additive

Product number: : 1022B
FREE shipping above €50,- Hydraulic Valve Lifter Additive removes deposits and stops ticking of valve lifters.


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Hydraulic Valve Lifter Additive
"Bardahl Hydraulic Valve Lifter Additive removes deposits (oil residues, carbon deposits, etc.) at the lifters and thus restores its functioning. 
Thanks to the special anti-wear film the hydraulic lifters, valves and camshaft are protected and the life span of the engine is extended. 
Hydraulic Valve Lifter is suitable for all types of engine oil of both gasoline and diesel engines. 

How to use: 
Change the engine oil (always use a quality oil for example Bardahl, Shell, Castrol, etc.) and add a bottle Hydraulic Valve Lifter to the engine oil. Drive 20 km to allow the product to do its job. 
Then turn off the engine and start again after an hour. In many cases the problem is solved. 
If this is not the case, the contamination is heavy; drive again for 20 km. 

If the problem isn't solved, there is a mechanical problem. Always read the instructions on the label before you add the product. 

Do not add more than prescribed times, this can have a detrimental effect."

Category: Car, Classic, Motorhome
Contents: 300 ML
Filter: oil additives